Safe Ways to Control Birds on Your Property


There is a big difference in loving birds and being overrun with them. In fact, you may not have thought about feeding birds as being an issue until it started costing you more and more because of the increase in the bird population. Now you may be stuck with a ton of birds, a high bird seed bill and no way of getting rid of the birds safely. Here are a few safe ways to control the bird population in your area and on your property.

1 March 2017

Tips For Getting Rid of Common Garden Pests


If you are struggling with garden pests like slugs and earwigs, you're not alone. These are among some of the most common and frustrating pests to have in the yard. Luckily, there are things that can be done. Here are some tips for getting rid of these and other common garden insects and pests. Slugs The first type of insect you will likely come across often in your garden or landscaped yard is the slug.

20 April 2016

6 things you never knew about cockroaches


You know that you don't want them in your kitchen and that they give you the creeps. But what else do you really know about cockroaches? Here are 6 facts about the critters that might reaffirm or subvert your suspicions about these most hated of bugs. A cockroach can live without its head for a week. Think you've defeated that cockroach in your kitchen by stamping on its head? Think again.

27 February 2015