Natural Pest Removal and Deterrent Strategies

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The Healthy Home: Five Effective DIY Home Remedies to Help You Survive a Termite Invasion


They are small critters that lurk around corners unnoticed. They slowly regroup, grow their numbers and attack right under your nose. They are the silent killers that will shake the very foundation of your home. Before you get too scared, they are not sci-fi monsters; they are tiny white creatures that you probably come across in your garden.

Although you might require professional help to deal with a termite infestation, there are alternative home remedies you can use to prevent termites from entering your house permanently.  

Use orange oil

Orange oil is a highly affordable yet practical way of killing termites, especially drywood termites. Extremely effective yet natural, orange oil is extracted from the orange peel, and it's a fantastic termite control option.

Other than killing termites, you can use orange oil to prevent termites from entering your home. You can spray full strength or slightly diluted orange oil to termite infected areas.

Use sunlight

Sometimes the best remedy for termite control is good old mother nature. Termites naturally avoid sunlight since they require moist conditions for their survival. Exposing termite-infested areas to sunlight will ultimately kill the small critters.

If your furniture and other movable items are infested with termites, place them outdoors during a sunny day to get rid of termites. Also, clear all bushes and clutter around your home as they are ideal termite homes to expose them to sunlight.

Even though this method alone cannot destroy the entire colony of termites, it's still a great DIY method of controlling termite population.

Use white vinegar

Along with cleaning your home and countless other uses, vinegar can be used to control termites. Just like orange oil, spraying vinegar around termite infected areas will help you kill them. The acidity in white vinegar will kill termites upon contact.

Flooding infested areas

Although termites require moisture for survival, excessive water can be fatal to them. Flooding the soil, especially where termites have built a colony could instantly kill them or force them out of their home. Once you destroy their habitat, you leave them no choice but to surrender and evacuate.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Other than its many medicinal and healing properties, using aloe vera is one of the easiest ways of controlling termites. Since the plant is almost found everywhere in Australia, it's easy to get your hands on aloe vera gel which you can mix water to use as a mist spray on termite infested areas.

Other than these home remedies, you can involve a termite inspection professional to help you.


27 September 2017