Natural Pest Removal and Deterrent Strategies

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Two Tips To Play Your Part In Fighting Back Against Sydney's Growing Rat Problem


Sydney is a tourist mecca thanks to well-known icons like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Unfortunately, Sydney also has a growing reputation for having an out-of-control rat problem. Since you have just purchased a Sydney apartment to live in, it is important that, as a homeowner, you do your part to reduce the rat population. There are two ways you can do this, so the time to start is now.

Remove Existing Rats

During your building and pest inspection before the sales contract settled, the inspector made a note about evidence of rats if they saw any sign of rodent activity. However, just because there was no evidence on the day, does not mean there are no rats in your apartment.

Make an appointment for a pest controller to treat your home if the seller did not specify that one has been in the apartment in the past 12 months. Rats like to hide out in unseen areas like behind your closet, kitchen cabinets and even the bath tub. A pest controller is trained to look carefully for signs of rat infestation. As well as leaving baited traps to kill existing rats, they can point out areas where rats are entering your home so that you can arrange for necessary building repairs. For example, if the rat has been living behind your closet, there will be small holes that need filling to stop them getting inside your rooms.

Deterring Rat Return

Once the rats have gone, it is important you put a plan in place, so they don't come back. Let their eradication become someone else's problem by making sure they are not in your life.

The most important thing to do is to remove the food and water source in your apartment for rats. Without these two vital items, they will find somewhere else to live. Contrary to popular cartoons, rats aren't just looking for cheese in your home. They also love to eat fruit, meat, grains, bread and nuts. Therefore, proper food storage is your number one way to fight back against rodents.

The fruit bowl on the bench needs to go, and instead store your fruit in the fridge where the rat can't get it. Bread needs to go in the fridge too, or in a sealed bread bin on your kitchen counter. Make sure you place all food in the pantry into sealed storage containers as rats are looking for an easy access meal option. Finally, get that dripping kitchen faucet fixed to cut off their drinking water supply.

It is up to every Sydneysider to make sure they do their part of driving the rats out of this beautiful city. You now know what you need to do to at least get them out of your new home.


19 July 2017