Common Pet Pests in Australia


Many Australians like to enjoy a pet in their home, and some of the favourites in the country are cats and dogs. Domesticated mammals can certainly add to the friendly atmosphere in your home but they are susceptible to pests in many locations throughout the country. If you are considering getting a pet or currently own one and don't know what pests to look out for, then which ones should you have an awareness of?

25 March 2019

Termites in a Tree Stump: What to Get Rid of First?


You don't have to take out the stump of a tree when you have the tree removed. You can just leave the stump to rot away if it isn't in an inconvenient place. However, if you later notice termite activity in the stump, then you may have a more urgent need to get rid of the last bits of the tree. The problem is that you now have to factor a termite nest into the equation.

21 February 2019