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Termites in a Tree Stump: What to Get Rid of First?


You don't have to take out the stump of a tree when you have the tree removed. You can just leave the stump to rot away if it isn't in an inconvenient place. However, if you later notice termite activity in the stump, then you may have a more urgent need to get rid of the last bits of the tree. The problem is that you now have to factor a termite nest into the equation.

How should you handle this problem? Should you deal with the stump or the termites first?

Removing the Stump First

You may assume that having the tree stump removed will kill two birds with one stone. If the wood is gone, then the termites that live in it will go too. However, stump grinding kills off a few surface termites, but it won't kill all of them. It may not touch the core nest. Plus, the nest may not actually be in the stump itself.

Removing the stump first could actually make your termite problem worse. Termites are sensitive insects with a good sense of danger. If your termites have been happily hanging around your stump up till now, then the removal process itself will alert them that there is a problem. They'll move away somewhere else where they feel safer.

As well as moving, they'll know that they've lost the food source the stump gave them. They may well look around your garden and even your property to find new wood. If you have wooden fences or a wooden shed, then they may go there. If they can get into your home, they'll do that.

Removing the Termites First

It's much safer to have the termite nest itself treated before you deal with the tree stump. Careful use of termite baits could see foraging termites take poison back to the nest. When they come into contact with termites there, they'll spread the poison. This is an effective way to clear the stump and your garden of the colony.

Once the termites have gone, you can then remove the tree stump. Don't think you can just leave it now. If it was attractive to one set of termites, it'll attract others.

To find the quickest way to clear the stump ready for removal, bring in a local pest controller for a termite inspection. They can talk you through bait options and advise you on the best system to use.


21 February 2019