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Springtime Spiders: Why Spring Is The Right Time For Spider Control


Spring is the time of rebirth, when all kinds of life begin to flourish and blossom in abundance. Springtime is also spider time. During the spring, you'll begin to see more and more spiders over time. And as those spiderlings grow and mature, they may gravitate toward your property. If you fear spiders or simply don't want them around your home, spring is the time to take action.

More insects means more spiders

In springtime, the insect population explodes, as each insect species mates and lays eggs. So you'll see more favourite spider foods, like flies, mosquitoes and ants. The abundance of food in your yard and the surrounding area means that there is plenty of food for spider mothers and their young.

As the young spiders mature, they spread out to make their own webs. Your yard could quickly become a spider paradise within a few weeks.

Vegetation growth creates shelter

Vegetation bursts into life too during springtime. Bushes, plants and trees create shelter for young spiders, allowing them to build their webs. Vegetation may also act as a bridge to your home. Using vegetation as a bridge, spiders may build nests in your siding, around your windows and on your roof.

Trim plants and trees away from your home's walls and roof to prevent spiders from reaching your home.

Springtime is the time for gardening

Springtime is a good time to start tending your garden. But you'll encounter more spiders during the springtime. Those spiders may then begin to take up residence in your garden tools and in your shed. This is bad news if those spiders are redback spiders, because you may inadvertently pick up a tool and disturb a redback.

Springtime spraying keeps spiders away

The best way to prevent springtime infestations of spiders is to hire a pest control professional to apply a spider spray around your property. Spider sprays repel spiders and prevent them from moving into the areas that have been sprayed. And each spray lasts for several months.

This means that if you spray your fence, siding, gutters, deck and etc. in early spring, before the spider population grows, you can prevent infestations in your yard and home. You can ask your pest controller to reapply the spray treatment later in the year to protect against spiders in autumn.

If you don't want spiders taking over home this spring and summer, hire a pest controller to spray your property and keep spiders away.


19 September 2022