Natural Pest Removal and Deterrent Strategies

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Commercial Pest Control Methods


Commercial pest control methods can be classified into two: those that are used in agriculture and those that are applied in control of household pests.

Control of agricultural pests

Agricultural methods can either focus on crop or animal pests. The following are the typical methods of crop pests control in agriculture:

poisoned bait: The use of poisoned bait is a commercial pest control method that is mostly used to control rats, mice, snails and other pests. The trap in most cases contains a poisoned food attractant that is for the target species. In the case of flies, poison or the most appropriate commercial pest control substance that is fast-acting is preferably used to avoid further egg-laying.

Trap cropping: This commercial pest control method involves the use of a trap crop which is a crop that tends to attract pests and diverts them from the nearby plants. The pests that are then attracted to the trap crop can be easily destroyed by the use of pesticides.

Pesticides: The use of pesticides is a commercial pest control method that involves the application of pesticides to the crops by the use of aircraft, crop sprayers or other times as seed dressing to control the pests. The efficiency of the method will depend on the use of the correct way of application, the exact amounts and also right timing. The process has a disadvantage in that it may damage the non-target species.

Traps: The difference between the use of poisoned baits and traps is that in traps, the pest is caught and then held until one can dispose or kill them properly. The traps do not have to contain a poisoned attractant that can kill the animal.

Pest control methods used in homes and cities

Poisoned bait: This method applies both in agriculture and in control of household pests and it almost the same as in agricultural control. It involves the use of a poisoned food attractant which attracts the animal to the bait, and then causes its death when it feeds on it.

Sterilisation: This commercial pest control method involves rearing a large number of pests and then sterilising it by the use of X-rays and then releasing the sterile pests into the population that is not sterilised

Fumigation: It involves treating a structure to kill pests by covering it with an airtight material and then steaming it up with a liquid insecticide. The method is however somehow expensive.

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30 April 2018