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4 Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation and Not Carry Bedbugs Home


Each time you leave the house, there's a chance you could bring pests home with you because you can't always control the environment you're in. The problem with bed bugs is that, being hitchhikers, they can show up almost anywhere. This article highlights some proactive measures you can take to reduce your chances of bringing bed bugs home from your vacation or out-of-town trip.

1. Research your accommodation facility

In many hotel/accommodation review sites, you can carry out searches with keywords like 'bed bugs.' In fact, there are sites dedicated to reporting bed bug sightings following consumer complaints. You can also Google bed bug reports about your accommodation choice directly. When searching, bear in mind that a single complaint about a facility shouldn't translate to immediate disqualification; they can show up anywhere. Instead, watch out for multiple reports (indicative of a recurrent or unsolved problem) and details about how the problem was handled by management. Good facilities should give a different room, complimentary, for the length of your stay, far from the infested room.

2. Ask about the bed bug policy

All accommodation facilities should have a bed bug policy, since they host people from everywhere and will likely have this problem at some point. The ideal facility should tell you that they have regular inspections and a go-to pest control service to treat the problem when found. Bed bugs cannot be controlled using regular DIY measures like other bugs, which is why they're such a pain when they come into your home.

3. Look around

Before unpacking, take time to look around your assigned room (use a torch in dark areas). Look at the box spring and mattress seams and seams of upholstery, and in bedding, pillows, and baseboards. Any tiny black droppings, patches, stains, streaks, small white eggs, tiny bugs or insect skins should be reported, and you should be moved to another room.

4. Protect your stuff

Consider using a plastic bag to cover your luggage, and ensure that anything that is stored is elevated. Use the luggage rack to store your suitcases, or place them on a table in the room. Avoid leaving clothes on the floor or draped over chairs, especially upholstered chairs. Place dirty clothes in sealed plastic bags in your suitcase until it's time to leave. When you get home, do not mix clothes from the trip with your other clothes. Wash and dry them at the highest temperature setting, as the heat will kill bugs at all stages of the lifecycle. This protects you in case eggs were laid in your clothes. If you notice bugs or any of the above-mentioned signs soon after your trip, arrange for a pest control service to come in immediately. Early control is often easier and more effective at eradicating bed bugs at home.


4 January 2018