Natural Pest Removal and Deterrent Strategies

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Buying a House? Here's What You Should Know About Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection


A pest inspection is an essential procedure that every person should endeavor to carry out before buying a house or any other piece of property. Unlike a building inspection—which aims at determining the condition of the structure, appliances, furniture, fixtures, and systems—a pest inspection is meant to unearth pest damage on the property. Pests can cause significant losses to your investment; therefore, you should take the time to make sure that the house is pest-free before committing to the purchase. Here, you will learn some important things about this inspection so that you can safeguard your investment.

What does a pest inspection entail?

Most people are aware of the termite inspection that most property sellers order before listing a house on the market. However, it is essential to understand that a termite inspection differs from a pest inspection. A termite inspection only involves looking for the presence of termites, which usually affect furniture and other wooden structures. On the other hand, a pest inspection will look for termites as well as other household pests such as rodents, roaches, bugs, borers, and even mold. It is more in-depth and will confirm whether there are any pests within the property.

When should you have the inspection?

All forms of property inspections should be carried out before completing the purchase. You should wait for the inspector's report so that you can decide the best way forward based on the findings. This will allow you to pull out of the deal if the property is infested by pests and has suffered substantial damage. However, if you sign any binding agreements, you may not be able to walk away from the deal. Additionally, you may even end up incurring the cost of pest extermination and suffering losses from the purchase.

How should you choose an inspector?

As a property buyer, it is essential to find your own pest inspection company rather than taking recommendations from the seller or an agent. This will allow you to get an independent inspection and accurate findings. The seller's inspector can be biased, and they may fail to unearth all the problems with the building. Also, most agents don't like to recommend inspectors with the fear that they may be implicated if an issue arises in the future. To be on the safe side, ensure that the company you choose is not affiliated with the seller or his real estate agent.

If the inspector's report indicates that the property is infected with pests, ask the seller to carry out extermination before proceeding with the transaction. Alternatively, you can negotiate a lower price so that you can cover the costs of eliminating the pests.


17 November 2017