Natural Pest Removal and Deterrent Strategies

Welcome to my blog—unless you are a cockroach. If you are a cockroach, prepare to get crushed! As you can probably already tell, I hate bugs. I have nothing against smashing them flat and dead. However, I am also an environmentalist, and I don't like the idea of using potentially harmful chemicals to deter, kill or remove pests. If you feel the same way, this blog is for you. I am going to explore everything from natural remedies to get rid of bugs to tips on choosing an environmentally friendly pest control person. Whether you have mice, rat, cockroaches, ants or other pests, I hope this blog helps you get rid of them naturally and efficiently!

Tips For Getting Rid of Common Garden Pests


If you are struggling with garden pests like slugs and earwigs, you're not alone. These are among some of the most common and frustrating pests to have in the yard. Luckily, there are things that can be done. Here are some tips for getting rid of these and other common garden insects and pests.


The first type of insect you will likely come across often in your garden or landscaped yard is the slug. These are more likely to be found near the plants and trees, and less common just around the patio or grass area. Slugs will attack the leaves and pants, giving you a lot of dead plants that need extra care. If you notice signs of slugs around your leaves and seedlings, you need to set out traps to try and capture them. Beer traps are often used for slugs and snails, and are often very effective. You can also try calling your local pest control company.


You may also notice signs of earwigs in different parts of your garden. These are long, black and brown bugs with antennae and little stingers in the back. They often crawl in wet areas of your home, so not only will they be found near your garden hose and plants shortly after they have been watered, but near outdoor plumbing fixtures as well. To capture earwigs, you can set out a trap by wetting some newspaper or cardboard and waiting for the earwigs to climb on top. You can then kill them or capture them and dispose of them elsewhere. If you suspect that they have made their way into your home, you might prefer having a pest control company exterminate your entire property.


Aphis are small insects that like to go straight for the leaves on your plants, flower bushes, and trees. You will notice microscopic bugs that are walking around on the leaves, along with tiny holes in the leaves. Since they are on the leaves, you need to stick with natural and organic pest control methods so you don't do damage to the trees. In this case, look to citrus and water solutions. Grate the rind of some oranges, then add that to boiling water. Let the citrus water steep overnight, then strain it in the morning to remove the larger pieces of rind. You can then add it to a spray bottle and spray it on the leaves. This will get rid of the aphids without damaging our plants or bushes.


You may also have a problem with cutworms, which are moth caterpillars. These insects will exist in the soil of your garden, eating through plants in the ground and destroying them from the ground up. To keep cutworms out of the garden, sprinkle some diatomaceious Earth or crushed eggshells around the areas where you have seen them.


20 April 2016